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Insolvency guidelines

The weekend papers headlined that parents would have to stay at home as high childcare costs would not be counted as legitimate debt and neither would private healthcare. This may become the case but to date the guidelines on the new Insolvency legislation await publication. While the law has passed the structures have yet to

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Budgeting tips

It is important to know if your finances are heading in the right direction. If you’re going to reach your goals, or just trying to keep your head above water Budgeting is the key to financial success. Do a comprehensive budget, marking down truthfully your income and expenditure. Include all payments for debts, as this

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Business in the Small Claims Court

New rules, which came into effect on 11, January 2010, facilitate claims in the Small Claims Court from a business against another business for goods or services not exceeding is €2,000.  Previously, the Small Claims Court only dealt with cases regarding the supply of goods and services by a seller/supplier to a consumer. Now a

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