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Seizure of property to satisfy debts

If your creditor gets a judgment when you owe a debt the next step is to seek enforcement.  Initially a creditor will send the judgement to the Sheriff to seize property, but this Court sheriff does not have the powers of a revenue sheriff and rarely has the resources to seize goods. A further step

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Debtors Gaol?

Can you still go to jail for debts? One of the final steps in the Court debt collection process where a debtor fails to abide by the terms of an installment order (an order to pay a certain amount laid down by the court to satisfy a court judgment) is jail! A creditor can apply

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Debt Enforcement

What happens if I can’t pay a Debt? If your creditor hires a debt collection agency or solicitor to sue you, and you fail to defend a summons for recovery of a debt, a creditor gets a judgment from the court. When you can’t pay the judgment and still owe a debt the next step

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