Erne Fishery Case 1927

The Erne Fishery case, also known as ‘The Kildoney Men’s Case’,  was a court action by local fishermen in the Ballyshannon area for the right to fish in the Erne Estuary. The case instigated  on or about the 15 February 1927 ended in victory for the fishermen on the 31 July 1933. Locals are this year marking  it by a dedication of a Memorial for the 80th Anniversary of the historic court case of the Fishermen’s action. There are a number of excellent summaries and discussions of the case, initially highlighted by Historian Francis Hayes, at a remembrance at the 70th anniversary. The 80th offers a much fuller agenda for the event as follows:

Saturday, 3rd August 2013:
A memorial Mass held in St.Patrick’s RC Church at 7:30pm; followed by a get together in Dorrians’ Imperial Hotel in Ballyshannon, with Traditional Song and Music and all are welcome to mingle with locals.

Sunday, 4th August 2013:
From 12 Noon – Festivities will precede the unveiling of the monument with the presence of the Local Brass & Reed Band and The Assaroe Celil Band who will play Traditional Music for local Irish dancers until the Dedication Ceremony at 3.00pm. The Dedication Ceremony will have various guests speakers including the distinguished historian Mr Anthony Begley.

That evening in Dorrians’ Imperial Hotel at  8.00pm, a History Lecture of ‘The Erne Fisheries’ will be presented  by Mr Francis Hayes.

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