Local Property Tax keys Dates

On  March 2013, the forms and detailed guidance were published by Revenue, and the following are further KEY DATES:

  • 30 April                                     Household charge will be capped at €130 if paid before thus date
  • 01 May                                       Local Property Tax (LPT) liability and valuation date
  • 07 May                                      Paper returns due for LPT
  • 28 May                                      Electronic returns due for LPT
  • 01 July                                      LPT will be increased by €200 if the household charge is not paid before this date. Phased   payments commence (e.g., direct debit or deduction at source)
  • 21 July                                      Single payment bank debit deducted, i.e., bank transfer
  • 01 November                         LPT liability and valuation date for 2014 and subsequent years