Local Talks on issues affecting the Elderly


Talk 28th May 201 @ 7 p.m.


Geraldine Conaghan apologies to all of Burt’s Women’s Group for her failure to attend the March meeting, as she was under the impression dates and time had to be confirmed.  She is happy to attend the May meeting and deal with the queries received dealing mostly with Wills.


During the month of May, as part of “Alzheimers Awareness” Initiative , Geraldine Conaghan is facilitating local talks in Moville, Burt and Newtowncunningham where she will address “The Role of Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPA) and Assisted Decision making” in assisting is issues affecting the elderly or any one under a mental disability. EPA’s are a legal device that facilitates legal arrangements for others to legally deal with your affairs of those who become incapable of managing their own affairs.  She will discuss the new structures and the changes proposed by the Government in the new “assisted decision making legislation”.  The Nursing Home Support Scheme will be addressed.  There will be a question and answer session. There is also a facility that questions can be submitted in writing in advance by putting questions in sealed envelopes and left in the office at Serenity House, Moville  where she can address the issues raised as part of the presentation ensuring the confidentiality of the parties.